Shri Datta Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Panutre's

Vitthalrao Patil Mahavidyalaya, Kale

(Arts ,Commerce & Science )

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Institution Achievements

So far as concerned institutional distinctiveness some performances have been performed in our institution. Among the distinctive performances done by us from educational view point is our sports. It is oriented to college vision- To fulfil educational social-cultural and economic need of society hilly and rural develop the learners who are from surrounding which is hilly rural mountaineer from sport view point. College recognized the student physique, spirit, courage, determination etc. and trained them from time to time and availed the required things for competition and other purpose. Sports day by day are increasing our India's identity at international level by viewing that and Sports strength of our players, college provided them infrastructure money- aid moral support, motivation, inspiration and so on. Consequently, we are with outcome of sport achievements and have increased it regularly. It is our pride to state here that every year the men and women at regional University, state national and International sport event are send to participate, particularly for cycling, weightlifting, power lifting, bodybuilding, and wrestling. Till dates there are 01 players have been participated at international level and 05 students national level have received Honors also. At inter-University level 05 participants have received honors. In October 2019 our institution organized wrestling inter-zone of University. Our college has capped gold, silver, bronze at University, National and international. In the capacity of coach, team manager, expert and so on our physical director Mr. Vikram Yamagekar has done role at his best level. Even he is awarded sport reputed Colour Award of Shivaji University Kolhapur and many other appreciation certificates by other University and institutions. Recently his valuable sport work, enhancement of sport culture is recognized by District Rotary Club of Kolhapur and honored his achievements by bestowing him trophy and appreciation letter.