To fulfil educational, socio-cultural and economic need of society - hilly and rural region.

Shri Datta Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Panutre's

Vitthalrao Patil Mahavidyalaya (Arts, Commerce & Science) Kale,

Tal- Panhala, Dist- Kolhapur

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra



To impart quality education through traditional and innovative learning practices.

Economics Department

(Arts, Commerce & Science), KALE

Department Of Economics

Year of Establishment : 2002

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  • Name of the department : Economics
  • Year of Establishment : 2002
  • Courses / Add on Courses offered by Department
    1. B.A. 03
    2 M.A.(DISTANCE) 02
    3 Add on Course (ROKHE BAJAR) 10 DAYS
  • Number of Teaching posts :
  • Sanctioned Filled
    Professors - -
    Associate Professors 01 01
    Asst. Professors 02 01
  • Faculty name
  • Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience
    Dr. PADMAKAR BALIRAM TATAL M.A. M.Phil Ph.D. HEAD & ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Agricultural Economics & Statistics 14 Years
  • Details of Infrastructural facilities :
    • Library : Yes
    • Internet facilities for Staff & Students : Yes
    • Class rooms with ICT facility : some classroom
    • Laboratories : Nil
  • Teaching Methods:
    • Lecture
    • ICT Method
    • Group Discussion
    • Home assignments, projects & Class tests
    • News Paper Cuttings, Photo Copies
    • Seminar
  • Course Specific Outcomes –
  • Department of Economics
    Programme Name: B.A. (COURSE: ECONOMICS)

  • Program outcomes: After Completion of the programme the students will be able to
  • Po1 Develop Economic Leadership
    Po2 Increase Economic Literacy
    Po3 Get the skill required to respond to and analyze the Global Business and Economic issues.
    Po3 Get information of monetary policy fiscal policy international policy product
    Po4 Pricing and factor.
    Po5 Acquire information about past and present Economic trends
  • Program specific outcomes: After Completion of the programme the students will be able to
  • Pso1 Understanding basic concept of Micro Economics and Macro Economics
    PSo2 Create students’ ability to suggest solution for various Economic problems
    Pso3 Analyze past and present events from an Economic perspective
    Pso4 Create awareness of Economic activity in Indian and world Economy
  • Course Specific Outcomes- After Completion of the programme the students will be able to
  • Paper No Name of Paper Specific Outcomes
    I Indian Economy Understand economic development since independence
    Understand challenges facing the Indian economy
    Get acquainted with the policies and performance of major sector in Indian economy
    II Macro Economics Know nature and scope of macro economics
    Understand concepts of national income and value of money
    Understand business cycles and theories of business cycle
    Understand general theory
    III Banking And Financial Markets Get information about commercial banking and credit creation
    Know practical banking and understand functions of RBI and monetary policy
    Know E-Banking and its importance
    Iv Micro Economics Understanding consumer decision making and consumer behavior
    Understanding the nature of revenue and cost of production
    Identify the market structure, Principal of micro economics
    V Development & Planning Economics Identity the dimensions of development and know the theories of economic development
    Get acquainted with economic planning and its importance in development
    Understand economic planning in India
    VI International Economics Explain international trade and international trade theories
    Understand the measurement pf gains from international trade
    Distinguish between balance of trade and balance of payment
    VII Research Methodology in Economics Get acquainted with the basic concepts of research and its methodologies
    Understand the sampling techniques as a method of data collection Write research report and thesis
    VIII History Of Economic Thought Understand the basic economic ideas of various economic thinkers of the world
    Understand the development of economic thought
    Understand the basic economic ideas of various economic thinkers in India
  • Department Student Profile:
  • Year No of Student
    2017-18 14
    2018-19 35
    2019-20 24
    2020-21 27
    2021-22 29
    2022-23 24
  • Top Alumni of Department
  • Name of Student Position Held Contact No
    1 Eknath Dhangar BSF 8474857375
    2 Krishnath Shewale Cleark in Court 8600329393
    3 Shivaji Balu Patil B.S.N.L 9561653800
    4 Vishwas Bapu Sutar PRIVATE JOB 9665308232
    5 Rohit Shivaji Patil ELECTION SURVY 9309152110
    6 Yogesh Nalwade PRIVATE JOB 9545787800
    7 Rajaram Bhau Patre SOCIAL WORKER & IDLE ENTERPRUNUL 7028411150
    8 Patil Dipak Dadu Self-Business 9403366781
    9 Patil Vishwajeit Krushnat Self-Business 9146953333
    10 Chougale Prashant Prakash C.R.P. F 9503811966
    11 Kumbhar Suraj Hanmant Primary Teacher 7588221698
  • Programs Conducted by Department in Last 5 years
  • Guest Lectures

    Year Date Title of Guest Lecture Resource person Report in English Only soft copy in pdf format
    2015-16 24/12/2015 National Consumer Day Prof. Patil V.R.
    2016-17 11/7/2016 World Consumer Day Dr. Dhuture M.G
    15/3/2017 World Consumer Day Tahsildar Panhala
    2017-18 24/12/2017 National Consumer Day Prof. Jadhav M.J
    2018-19 11/7/2018 World Consumer Day Prof. Patre K.B.
    11/08/2018 Pradhapak Prabhodhini Prof. Tatale P.B
    2019-20 17/9/2019 Development & Planning Dr. Kombade Subhash
    6/2/2020 Central Budget Dr. Ingawale Dhanaji
    2021-22 01/12/2021 World Aids Din Prof. Tatale P.B
    2022-23 15/05/2023 Challenges before Indian Economy Pro. R.S. Bandagale


    Year Date Title of Event Resource person Report in English Only soft copy in pdf format
    2015-16 11/7/2015 World Population Day -
    2016-17 15/8/2016 poster presentation On poverty in India By Honrabel Z.P. Member sujata patil
    2017-18 15/08/2017 poster presentation On National income By Hon.Sarita Patil Treasurer of shree data shikshan prasarak mandal panutre
    2018-19 15/8/2018 poster presentation On population Bv Vilas Patil Hon. member gram panchyat kale
    2019-20 17/3/2020 poster presentation On central budget By. principal Dr. B.M.Ladgaonkar
    2020-21 23/06/2020 One Day Workshop Prof.K.B. Patre
    2021-22 10/10/2021 One Day National Webinar Dr. Chighlikar D.G.
    2022-23 15/08/2022 Poster Presentation on 75 Independence Day Mr. Bhargav Sir Kale.

    Extra Curriculum Activity

    Year Date Extra Curriculum Activity Resource person Report in English Only soft copy in pdf format
    2015-16 11/07/2015 Tree Plantation -
    12/3/2016 Nirop Samramb B.A.T.Y -
    2016-17 14/3/2017 Nirop Samramb B.A.T.Y -
    2017-18 16/1/2018 Publication Presentation -
    2019-20 11/7/2019 Tree Plantation -
    18/02/2020 Discussion On Syllabus -
    2021-22 B.A.III Farewell -
    2022-23 15/06/2023 B. A.III Farewell -

    Seminar/Workshop/ Webinar Organized

    Year Date Seminar/ Workshop / Webinar Resource person Report in English Only soft copy in pdf format
    2020-21 23/06/2020 Online Teaching-Tools and Techniques Mr. Patre K. B
    2021-22 10/10/2021 Economic Thought of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Dr. Chighlikar D.G.
  • SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans
  • Strengths:

    • Qualified, Committed, Young and Dynamic Teaching Staff
    • Highest strength of students
    • Research Work of Faculty


    • Rural students
    • Financially weak background of students
    • Student’s participation in Research


    • Jobs in market after completion of PG.
    • Various Competitive exams.


    • Students do not seek admission to PG course.
    • Unawareness about Competitive Exams

    Future Plans:

    • To organize workshops, seminars, Conferences etc. and publish research paper in proceeding
    • Teacher – Student engagement in Research project.
    • To develop Leadership and self-employment skill in Student
    • To introduce a PG course.