To fulfil educational, socio-cultural and economic need of society - hilly and rural region.

Shri Datta Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Panutre's

Vitthalrao Patil Mahavidyalaya (Arts, Commerce & Science) Kale,

Tal- Panhala, Dist- Kolhapur

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra



To impart quality education through traditional and innovative learning practices.

Department of Political Science

(Arts, Commerce & Science), KALE

Department Of Political Science

Year of Establishment : 2002

  • Name of the department : Political Science
  • Year of Establishment : 2002
  • Courses / Add on Courses offered by Department
    Name Mode Duration
    B. A. Regular 3 year
    M.A. distance 2 year
    Human Rights Add on Course 6 Months
    Information Technology Add on Course 3 Months
  • Number of Teaching posts :
    Sanctioned Filled
    Professors 0 0
    Associate Professors 1 1
    Asst. Professors 1 1
  • Faculty Name
    Name Qualifi- cation Desig- nation Specialization No. of Years of Experience
    Dr Shardul M. Selukar M.A. (SET) Ph.D. Asso. Professor International Relations, Political Thinkers,Political Theory 14
    Dr. Kamalakar N. Rakshase M.A. (NET) Ph.D. Asst. Professor International Politics Maha.Gov.&Politics 14
  • Details of Infrastructural facilities :
    • Library : Yes
    • Internet facilities for Staff & Students : Yes
    • Class rooms with ICT facility : Common
    • Laboratories : NA
  • Teaching Methods:
    Lecture, Group Discussion, Seminars, Use of ICT, Wallpaper, Guest Lectures
  • Course Outcomes -
    • a) To create political Socialization through political education for the student
    • b) Students get information about Democratic Values such as Equality, fraternity liberty and justice

    Course specific outcomes-

    Paper No Name of Paper Specific Outcomes
    I Introduction to Political Science Understanding basic knowledge about Political Science as a discipline..
    II Indian Constitution Acquiring fundamental knowledge about Constitution of India
    III Political Process in India Understanding the Political Process of India with special reference to Federalism, Party Politics, Electoral Politics and Nation Building.
    Iv Indian Political Thought - I To impart education regarding Indian Political Thoughts
    V Local Self Government in Maharashtra. Acquiring knowledge about constitutional provisions and functioning of Local Self Govt. in Maharashtra.
    VI Indian Political Thought - II To impart education regarding Indian Political Thoughts
    VII Political Theory 1) Getting basic knowledge of Political Theory
    2) Understanding of approaches to Political Theory
    3) Knowing Behavioral movement in Political Science
    4) Acquiring knowledge about concepts of Power, Authority and Legitimacy
    VIII Public Administration 1) Acquiring information about various concepts in Public Administration.
    2) Getting knowledge about Organization, its Bases, Principles and Units.
    3) Getting acquainted with the budgetary process in India.
    4) Understanding the interface between citizens and Public Administration; and other agencies in society and Public Administration.
    IX International Politics 1) Getting acquainted with the concepts and dimension of International Politics.
    2) To understand main theories of International Politics.
    3) To know the working of international and regional organizations and the new world order that emerged after the end of cold war.
    X Comparative Politics 1) Students will be familiar with basic theory of comparative politics
    2) Students be able to understand constitutionalism, federalism.
    3) Students shall understand party system and pressure groups and its functioning.
    4) Students shall understand classification of political parties and pressure groups.
    XI Western Political Thought - I 1) Students will get acquainted with the western tradition from Plato to Rousseau. 2) Students will understand the evolution of western Political idea. 3) Students will be able to study historical aspects of western state and society.
    XII Modern Political Concepts 1. Student will know modern concepts such as Feminism, Multiculturalism, Environmentalism and Civil Society etc.
    2. This will enable students to have comprehensive idea of contemporary scenario in political science.
    XIII Politics and Movements in Maharashtra 1) Student will know the Political System of Maharashtra.
    2)They will understand the process of formation of Maharashtra State
    3) Student will know the movements, pressure groups and political parties in Maharashtra.
    4) This will provide comprehensive idea of contemporary politics of Maharashtra
    XIV Foreign Policy of India 1. Student will understand, ‘what is Foreign Policy and what are the objectives of Foreign Policy.
    2. This will provide comprehensive idea of foundation of Indian Foreign Policy
    3. Student will come to know India’s relation with super powers and neighboring countries.
    4. It will bring attention of the students towards the current national and international political situation and foreign policy
    XV Comparative Government (With special reference to UK & USA) 1. To familiarizes students with composition, functions, and law making process of legislative bodies in UK and USA.
    2. To introduce the students with execution process of laws in UK and USA
    3. To introduce the Judicial System in UK and USA and procedure of adjudication
    4. Students will understand the role of Pressure Groups in the Politics of UK and USA
    XVI Western Political Thought II 1. The students will understand Political views of J. S. Mill, Karl Marx, Gramsci & Hannah Arendt
    2. The students will get acquainted with various aspects of state and society with western perspective.
  • Student Profile
  • Year CLASS No of Student
    2015-16 FY 187
    SY 74
    TY 31
    2016-17 FY 142
    SY 89
    TY 36
    2017-18 FY 162
    SY 63
    TY 23
    2018-19 FY 169
    SY 66
    TY 37
    2019-20 FY 60
    SY 32
    TY 26
    2020-21 FY 134
    SY 32
    TY 24
    2021-22 FY 179
    SY 39
    TY 12
    2022-23 FY 110
    SY 58
    TY 22
  • Top Alumni of Department
  • Name of Student Position Held Contact No
    Kamble Sagar Bandu Asst. Deputy Commissioner (Sales Tax) 9420904453
    Desai Pravin Raghunath Maharashtra Police 8600752752
    Girkar Rakash Ganpati Asst. Manager (Loan Section) in HDFC 9673667571
    Patil Digvijay Himbirrao Reporter & Politician 9765158588
    Kamble Rakesh Khandu Asst. Professor 9673155141
    Kamble Sajan Sambhaji Asst. Professor 9975351359
    Bhosle Chaitali Sarjerao Asst. Professor 7709580086
    Kolekar Amol Actor / Film Direction 9823866211
    Kalekar Omkar Gajanan Politician (Grampanchayat Member of Kale Grampanchayat) 9921457344
    Patil Atul Leading Business Man 9689100400
    Patil Dattatray Youraj Maharashtra Police 8975329296
    Ajay Vasant Kumbhar Maharashtra Police 9137087637
    Chougule Akshay International Cyclist 9765652264
  • Programs Conducted by Department in Last 5 years
  • Guest Lectures

    Date Title of Guest Lecture Resource person Report
    8/3/2016 Women Feminist Writers in Marathi Literature Prof. Sow. P.L. Chavan (Dept. of Marathi, VPM, Kale)
    8/3/2017 Women’s Economic Empowerment Dr Sunita Rathod, Dept. of Economics, Chh. Shahaji College, Kolhapur
    30/1/2018 Indian Democracy and Today’s Youth Prof Mr U. N. Lad, Department of Political Science, Shripatrao Chougule College, Kotoli
    8/3/2020 Status of women in VADAR Samaj Prof. Priya Pawar, Department of Political Science, Arts, Commerce and Science College, Porle
    2/10/2021 Political Life of Lal Bahadur Shastri Dr Abhay Datar Dept.of Political Science Peoples College, Nanded
    9/3/2022 Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow Dr. Sambodhi Deshpande Social Work College, Chopda, Dist- Jalgaon
    12/4/2023 Guest Lecture 12 4 2023 Pol Sci
  • Guest Lectures under Faculty and Student Exchange Program
  • (under MOU with Department of Political Science, Shri Shahaji Chhatrapati Maha. Kolhapur )

    Date Title of Guest Lecture Resource person Report
    14/10/2019 Need of Youth Participation in Democracy (Matdar Jagruti Abhiyan) Dr. Vijay Dethe (Dept. Pol. Sci. S.S.C.M. Kolhapur)
    26/11/2019 Constitution Day Dr. Rahul Mandnikar (Dept. Pol. Sci. S.S.C.M. Kolhapur)
    25/01/2022 National Voter Day Dr. Rahul Mandnikar(Dept. Pol. Sci. S.S.C.M. Kolhapur)
    24/05/2023 Guest Lecture under MOU 24 05 2023
  • Co- Curriculum and Extra Curriculum Activity
  • Date Title of Event Chief Guest(if any) Report
    26/11/2015 Constitution Day I/c Principal, Prof. Jadhav M.J.
    26/1/2016 Republic Day- Wall Paper – RAJMUDRA Sow. Sujata Patil (ZP, Member)
    14/4/2016 Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti – Essay Competition -
    1/8/2016 Lokmanya Tilak Jayanti Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    2/10/2016 Gandhi Jayanti Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    26/11/2016 Constitution Day Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    25/1/2017 National Voter Day - RALLY -
    26/1/2017 Republic Day-Wall Paper – RAJMUDRA Hon. Chairman, Shri. Vitthal Patil.
    1/8/2017 Lokmanya Tilak Jayanti Hon. Chairman, Shri. Vitthal Patil.
    26/11/2017 Constitution Day Justice, Shri. Milind Todkar
    2/10/2017 Gandhi Jayanti Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    2/10/2017 Gram Sabha Visit -
    26/1/2018 Republic Day-Wall Paper – RAJMUDRA Hon. Chairman, Shri. Vitthal Patil
    8/3/2018 International Women’s Day -Entrepreneurship Development Program, FOOD FESTIVAL Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    1/8/2018 Lokmanya Tilak Jayanti Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    26/11/2018 Constitution Day Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    25/01/2019 National Voter Day Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    26/1/2019 Republic Day-Wall Paper – RAJMUDRA Hon. Chairman Mr. Vitthal Patil
    8/3/2019 International Women’s Day Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    2/10/2019 Gandhi Jayanti Prin. Dr. B. M. Ladgaonkar
    26/01/2020 Republic Day-Wall Paper – RAJMUDRA Hon. Chairman, Shri. Vitthal Patil.
    25/01/2021 National Voter Day I/c Principal, Mr. M. J. Jadhav
    6/01/2021 Republic Day-Wall Paper – RAJMUDRA Hon. Chairman, Shri. Vitthal Patil.
    26/11/2021 Quiz Competition for all College Students Principal, Dr. K. N. Rakshase
    6/5/2023 National Voters Day-2023
    2022-2023 Wall paper Rajmudra 2022 23
  • Special Programs conducted as per UGC/Government/University etc. Circulars.
  • Date Name of Program Circular by Authority Report
    15/08/2016 to 23/08/2016 Azadi 70 – Yad Karo Kurbani UGC
    15.10.2016 VACHAN PRERANA DIN (Dr A P J Kalam Jayanti) Higher & Technical Ministry, Govt. of Maharashtra
    17/02/2017 Voting Awareness Program SUK & District Collector
    26/01/2018 to 10/02/2018 Lokshahi Pangharwada State Election Commission & SUK
    2/10/2018 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji Government of India
    31/10/2018 Rashtriya Ekata Din Birth Anniversary of Sardar Patel Government of India
    10/10/2021 SVEEP – Voter Registration Program Election Commission of India
  • Seminars/Workshops organized by Department
  • Date Name of Program Title Report
    3/6/2021 National Webinar Centre State Relations in s Contemporary Context
  • SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans


    • Young, Dynamic, Active, Highly qualified and experienced Faculty
    • Fulfilled Department (Faculty, Library Recourses, and Infrastructure etc.)
    • Curricular, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities
    • Supportive Management and Administration
    • Add- on Course for student


    • Faculty, Yet to get any Minor Research Project.
    • Rural and Financially weak background of student.
    • Very few Junior Colleges have Political Science subject.


    • Competitive Examination Guidance Center for students.
    • Teacher –Student Research activity can be conducted.
    • Department can conduct seminars and workshops to motivate students for; participation in various exams, to develop their leadership qualities, to actively involve them in development of nation.


    • Lack of funding of departmental programs
    • To encourage students specially girls for active participation in politics.
    • Students do not seek admission to PG course.

    Future Plans:

    • To introduce more Add on Courses
    • Conduct Teacher – Student research activities.
    • Conduct National- International Seminars, conferences