To fulfil educational, socio-cultural and economic need of society - hilly and rural region.

Shri Datta Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Panutre's

Vitthalrao Patil Mahavidyalaya (Arts, Commerce & Science) Kale,

Tal- Panhala, Dist- Kolhapur

Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra



To impart quality education through traditional and innovative learning practices.

Marathi Department
  • Name of the department : Marathi
  • Year of Establishment : 2002
  • Courses / Add on Courses offered by Department
    Name Mode Duration
    B. A. Regular 3 year
    M.A. distance 2 year
  • Number of Teaching posts :
    Sanctioned Filled
    Professors 0 0
    Associate Professors 0 0
    Asst. Professors 2 2
  • Faculty Name
    Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. Of Years Experience
    JADHAV MAHADEV JAYSHING M.A, SET, NET, Ph.d Asst. Professor Modern Literature 14
    CHAVAN PRERANA LAXMAN M.A, SET, Ph.d Asst. Professor Bhashavidnyan 14
  • Details of Infrastructural facilities :
    • Library : Yes
    • Internet facilities for Staff & Students : Yes
    • Class rooms with ICT facility : Yes
    • Laboratories
  • Teaching Methods:
    • Lecture Method, Group Discussion,
    • Debating, Question-Answering
    • News Paper Cuttings, Photo Copies
    • Demonstration by using LCD projectors & charts.
    • Home assignments, projects & Class tests
  • Programme Outcomes:
    PSO1 To create awareness about the love of mothertounge and human values among the students.
    PSO2 To develop skill of learning language among the students.
    PSO3 To enable students for the competitive exmainations.
    PSO4 To enable students to work in various fields of language like translation, summary writing etc.
    PSO5 To introduce the students about the use of language in various medias.
  • Programme Specific Outcomes:
    PSO1 To develop the interest of the students about the Marathi language and Literature.
    PSO2 To inttoduce students about the traditions, writers and poets of Marathi literatures.
    PSO3 To create interest about Marathi language and other languages among the students .
    PSO4 To introduce various types of Marathi literature to the students.
    PSO5 To introduce students various moments of Marathi literature.
  • Course outcomes
  • Course specific outcomes-

    Paper No Name of Paper Specific Outcomes
    I Aksharband Marathi Language Literature Writer-Poet Mother Tongue National Integration Awareness of High Human Values Personality Development Films and Media
    II Aksharband The students developed a love of writing by introducing the poetic tradition poet poet writer
    III Kay denger wara sutalya (Gadya) Civilization, culture, national unity and brotherhood are enhanced through the study of drama by the students with an understanding of drama and their communication skills are developing.
    Iv Kavyagandha (padya) Poetry writing skills are being inculcated in the students through demonstrations
    V Mati pankh Aani akash (Gadya) This type of autobiography is being developed with the introduction of autobiographical writing skills
    VI Jugad (padya) The novel genre has become known and writing skills are being developed in the news
    VII kavyashatra The process of producing literature based on medieval poetry and the ornaments of language are becoming known
    VIII Bhashavidnyan Aani Marathi Bhash By explaining the relationship between Marathi language and linguistics, the interest of students towards Marathi language is being determined
    IX Marathi Vangmayacha Itihas With the introduction of medieval Marathi literary traditions and history, the nature of Marathi language and texts of that period became clear
    X Marathi Bhasha Upyojan Aani sarjan Students' personality development is taking place by developing linguistic skills and abilities in various fields
    XI Vangmay pravache Adhyayan (Gramin sahitya) Understanding the characteristics and development of the inspirational nature of the rural literary stream, the relevant literary streams are being assessed through the victim's literary work
    XII Kavyashatra Shabdashakti Ras process is developing students' literary approach by understanding the taste process
    XIII Bhashavidnyan Aani Marathi Bhash Change the meaning of language Students' interest in Marathi language is developing by explaining Marathi word system
    XIV Marathi Vangmayacha Itihas The nature of the Marathi language of that period is becoming clear with the introduction of Marathi literary traditions and history
    XV Marathi Bhasha Upyojan Aani sarjan Public relations skills requirements and techniques are being assimilated by explaining linguistic transactions according to formal and informal sectors
    XVI Vangmay pravache Adhyayan (Dalit sahitya) he inspirational features and development of the Dalit literary stream are being explained and the relevant literary streamse being assessed through sumbh and peel.
  • Student Profile
  • Year CLASS No of Student
    2015-16 FY 212
    SY 76
    TY 20
    2016-17 FY 122
    SY 43
    TY 30
    2017-18 FY 198
    SY 55
    TY 32
    2018-19 FY 221
    SY 84
    TY 26
    2019-20 FY 56
    SY 35
    TY 14
    2020-21 FY 174
    SY 26
    TY 12
    2021-22 FY 174
    SY 26
    TY 10
    2022-23 FY 113
    SY 57
    TY 22
  • Top Alumni of Department
  • Name of Student Position Held Contact No
    1 Mahajan Pramila Aanda Teacher 9370323207
    2 Kalekar Dipika Narayan Teacher 9730766166
    3 Injulkar sharad Ramchndra Police 9890317328
    4 Patil Ravndra Rangrav Reporter 9767251717
    5 Nikam Sulbha sachin Bank sakhi 9405773441
    6 Borge Dhanaji Namdev Medical representative 9049509598
    7 Davang Nagesh Sarjerao Agriculture service center 9503656529
    8 Jambhale Saurabha Ganpati Builders & deveiopers 9595521415
    9 Barale Kedar Babasaheb Centring Construcation 9130219292
    10 Patil Gopinath Bhikaji Digital printing 9158347571
    11 Pandav Ajit Krishnant Private service 9765034749
  • Programs Conducted by Department
  • Guest Lectures

    Year Date Title of Guest Lecture Resource person Report in English Only soft copy in pdf format
    2015-16 1/8/2015 Povada Presentation- Shahir Sakharam Londhe
    2016-17 27/2/2017 The glory of the Marathi language Prof. Datta Naik. Shripatrao Chowgule College Malwadi
    2017-18 27/2/2018 Importance of Marathi language Dr. Namdev Mole.M.H. Shinde College Tisangi
    2018-19 27/2/2019 Current status of Marathi language Prof. A.R Mahajan. Shripatrao Chowgule College Kotoli
    2019-20 27/2/2020 Marathi language employment opportunities Dr. Pradip Patil Vivekananda College Kolhapur
    2021-22 27/02/2022 Importance of Marathi language Dr. Madhvi Desai Shikshan maharshi bapuji salonkhe college miraj.
    2022-23 27/02/2023 The glory of the Marathi language Dr.vinodkamble .M.H. Shinde College Tisangi


    Year Date Title of Event Report in English Only soft copy in pdf format
    2015-16 27/2/2016 Anniversary of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe
    2015-16 5/9/2016 Teacher’s Day
    2016-17 1/08/2016 Anniversary of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe/td>
    2016-17 27/2/2017 Organizing Bhashavaibhav Wall Poster
    2017-18 30/6/2017 Organizing Utkarsh Wall Posters
    2017-18 2/12/2017 Study Trip
    2018-19 1/8/2018 Anniversary of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe
    2018-19 30/12/2018 Study Trip
    2019-20 1/8/2019 Anniversary of Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe
    2019-20 27/2/2020 Organizing Marathi Asmitadarsh Wall Posters
    2021-22 27/2/2022 Organizing Bhashavaibhav Wall Poster
    2022-23 1/8/2022 Anniversary of LokshahirAnnabhau Sathe

    Extra Curriculum Activity

    Year Date Extra Curriculum Activity Resource person Report in English Only soft copy in pdf format
    2015-16 6/2/2016 Eloquence Competition Prof. S.V.Sutar
    2016-17 23/2/2017 Bibliography Prin.Dr.B.M.Ladganvkar
    2017-18 6/12/2017 Eloquence Competition Prof. N.V.Patil
    2018-19 5/3/2019 Beautiful handwriting Prof. M.J.Jadhav
    2019-20 25/2/2020 Essay Competition Prof. N.V.Patil
  • SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans


    • Qualified and dedicated faculty
    • Mother tong is Marathi of most of the students
    • Good strength of students
    • Both faculties are involved in Ph. D. research work.


    • Financially weak background of students
    • Being a regional language, at national and international level Marathi is having less importance than Hindi or English


    • Become an Author/Poet
    • Involvement of student in Drama writing
    • In Governmental Jobs.
    • Various Competitive exams.


    • To prepare students for creative writing.
    • To increase the level of involvement of students in cultural activities.
    • Lack of funding for departmental programs.

    Future Plans:

    • To introduce a PG course./li>
    • To start a diploma Course in Journalism.